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Dust Allergy

Our immune system is sensitive to all substances, insects and other elements that might have a harmful effect on our organism. Dust allergy is one of the most common allergies produced by dust mites that jeopardizes our spotless health condition. Due to the difficulties in eliminating the triggering factors from our home, it is worth knowing more about the basic symptoms as well as treatments that are available in both alternative and traditional medicine. Be prepared for the unexpected in order to prevent the appearance of asthma and other severe illnesses.

Dust Allergy Causes

The first and wisest move in treating dust allergy is to take a closer look at the main causes of this type of allergy. People who are surrounded with this element will know that it is extremely easy to become the prey of insects and other harmful factors that can generate severe health problems as asthma and eczema. Reduce the damaging effect of these by basic hygiene rituals as well as specialized practices. Skim through the basic causes of dust allergy for a detailed insight into its prevention.

  • Dust Mites: It is a common misconception that only those struggle with dust allergy who refuse to clean their home. Indeed this is one of the main reasons, however it must be also admitted that dust mites are all time dwellers of houses. From the hidden corners to the carpet, and even the table, all are flooded by these almost invisible monsters that find a top notch nutrient in the dead particles of our skin.

  • As one of the most influential and dangerous allergy triggers, dust mites can't be eliminated from our rooms. Neither vacuuming nor the thorough home cleaning can banish their existence and implicitly spreading. In fact the debris they leave behind is the one that launches a series of reactions in those who exhale these .Though the war against dust mites seems fruitless, it is still important to know how can we control the symptoms and reduce the severity of these.

  • Cockroaches: These insects are often constant lodgers of our house. Attracted by food debris or other residues, once there, these would further spread their damaging effect to those who are prone to allergic reactions.

    Dust is a complex substance it is made up of a multitude of elements. In fact cockroach protein found basically in the body, secretion as well as saliva of this insect is the factor that launches the hypersensitive reaction of the immune system.

  • Mold: Humidity might contribute to the formation of mold on walls, under the carpet and hidden spots of the house. This is also one of the main causes of dust allergies. There are several types of molds that can be immediately detected due to the smell others tend to be invisible to the eye and would appear during a thorough cleaning.

    Dust can have mold spores that are spread all over the home and are inhaled by the dwellers. Make sure you keep your home clean and free from this harmful element in order to reduce the symptoms of dust allergy.

  • Dust Allergy Symptoms

    Fortunately allergy has obvious symptoms that can occur repeatedly if it is not treated with the right medical procedures and medication. Those who are prone to suffer from these unpleasant reactions should take a glimpse at the main symptoms of dust allergy that can be easily detected and reduced with efficient allergy treatment methods. These are some of the most common dust allergy signs:

  • Sneezing is one of the signature signs of allergy, especially when coming in whole series. People who are unable to stop from it should take it as a warning sign that something is threatening their immune system. Moreover dust allergy can manifest itself with prominence during the morning when we wake up.
  • Watery and Itchy Eyes can be also enlisted in the symptom category. As one of the common trademarks of dust allergies, eyes might get irritated due to the effect of dust mites, and other allergens that often enter our organism through the lungs.
  • Runny Nose is a further alerting sign that something disturbs the balance of our organism. The irritation is one of the severe results of the allergic reaction that can be prevented with the proper practices to keep the deteriorating effects away.
  • Other Symptoms would include swollen eyes, eczema, red eyes, wheezing.

  • Dust allergy is one of the most severe illnesses that affect people all over the world. Whether you devote enough time to cleansing or neglect it, it is a fact that in order to reduce the symptoms it is highly recommended to ask for the help or professionals or read through the tips that aim to maintain the balance of your home. Protect your and your family's health with the necessary precautions and enrich your knowledge on the basic skin allergy facts as well as most efficient allergy treatments.

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